United We Stand! Local Communities Working together in SHTF! Preparedness.

Not all people will have the ability to relocate in a SHTF situation,
And will have to shelter in place.
This is a networking site for local neighbors to unite in SHTF preparedness.

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We are living in troubled times..

Nothing brought America closer to understanding the importance of self-sustained preparedness as the pandemic dragged on.

The pandemic shone a light on how fast the civility of society goes south as the supply shortages grow.

As well as the police force, being overwhelmed becomes reality.

After the store shelves become empty, do too the masses frantically hoarding All of the toilet paper, hand sanitizers, Lysol wipes, N-95 masks, bottled water, rice, and beans.

They soon looked around, realizing how unprepared they were for a long-term grid-down SHTF situation.

Fear is a powerful motivator to which few people are immune too.

This Pandemic was not the first, and won’t be the last.

As the years have passed, we have been given many warnings to prepare for the worse as we enjoy the calm before the storm.

Just to list a few of the previous warnings we have been given.

Black Death in 1346

Spanish Flu in 1918

West Nile virus in 1999

Swine Flu in 2009

Ebola in 2014

This is the reason preppers prep.

To assure they are not left wanting in a grid down situation.

The politicians are ordering you and your family into lockdown, As they continue to prep for themselves and their families.

You must Prep and protect your family.

Communities must work together.

Don’t be left unprepared and wanting!


This is the time to get prepared, Not panic!

This is what it looks like when the local police are overwhelmed.

The extended pandemic lock-downs caused food suppliers to struggle,

Showing the true fragility of our food stability.