Communities Working Together for SHTF! Preparedness!


I understand the thought of becoming a prepper can be overwhelming. Some are filled with anxiety, not knowing where to start.

So that is the reason for my blog, in hopes of helping the beginners that are standing in the middle of the store staring aimlessly. Not knowing where to go first.

I have found that once you have at least 10 items in each category of off grid necessities.
The anxiety will dissipate.

So with my list of ten, it should help anyone serious about becoming a prepper to take a step in the right direction.

I have worked hard to compile a list of skill-sets & tools required to be successful.

Join Us, In taking the first step on the road to becoming a self-sustaining Prepper community.

1. Medical Workers

People with a medical degree of any type will be in high demand in a grid down SHTF situation.

Take note of people in your community from professions like.

First responders (EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters) along with any other profession that requires you to have advanced first aid training.

It would be a smart idea to take classes to get certified and advance your first aid knowledge.

It will give you something valuable to barter after a disaster when doctors and nurses are in short supply.

Be sure to Prep your Medical Work Tools for the trade.

2. Herbalists

Herbalists, whether a professional or amateur they will become the post – SHTF! Pharmacists.

Growing and foraging for their own natural remedy ingredients, preserving them.

Along with knowing how to treat a broad range of conditions will be greatly sought after the access to pharmaceuticals diminish.

Be sure to Prep your Herbalists Tools for the trade.

3. Veterinarian

This can be a Veterinarian or a vet assistant. Which can also treat humans if a doctor for humans is not available.

After the SHTF! keeping your farm animals healthy can be the deciding factor on whether you lose meat protein as a staple from your diet.

Losing an animal is troublesome now, but after a grid down situation, it could be a loss of food stability tragedy.

Be sure to Prep your Veterinarian Tools for the trade.

4. Hunter

If you do not have meat, a hunter can be a source of fresh meat, or can trap small animals to breed for meat.

Hunters can also barter their hunting and fishing skills with members of the community who make good or provide other services.

Be sure to Prep your Hunter Tools for the trade.

5. Farmer

Farmers Are needed for when the stockpile runs low, also to have the ability to include fresh protein into your diet.

They have the knowledge in the proper way to feed, breed, and monitor.

Along with all their other specialized skills to keep the animals healthy and safe for human consumption.

Be sure to Prep your Farmer Tools for the trade.


6. Gardner

Just like fresh meat from animal farmers, a gardener is desired to add fresh produce into your diet.

A gardener determines the kind and amount of crops to be grown according to demand, conditions, and weather, along with size and location of crops needed.

Be sure to Prep your Gardner Tools for the trade.


7. Beekeepers

Beekeepers are needed to pollinate the plants, along with honey having health benefits.

A beekeeper can barter honey for food preservation, eating, and medicinal purposes. They can also barter for beeswax for making candles and salves.

Be sure to Prep your BeeKeeper Tools for the trade.

8. Police-Security

There has to be a level of law enforcement, and agreed-upon rules for your community to remain civil.

Security is needed to patrol assigned geographic zones, along with responding to issues.

Along with keeping unwanted trespassers out of the private community area.

Be sure to Prep your Police Tools for the trade.


9. Blacksmith

Blacksmiths will be needed for tool repair and creation, along with other assistance to the building trades.

If the grid down collapse is long term, things could revert back to horse-drawn buggies.

In turn, increasing the demand for horseshoes and wagon wheels😲

Be sure to Prep your Blacksmith tools for the trade.

10. Gunsmith

A Gunsmith’s ability to build and repair firearms,

Along with the skill of making ammo.

Will make you one of the key players in your community for trade and barter.

Be sure to Prep your Gunsmith Tools for the trade.

11. Butcher

Knowing how to butcher meat will be a great prime bartering skill.

Because the average person don’t know how too process a fresh kill.

Along  with the fact that not all recreational hunters know how to butcher their own kills.

Be sure to Prep your Butcher Tools for the trade.

12. Food preservist

Someone knowing how to prep food for long-term storage will be an invaluable person to the community.

Along with being a great bartering skill.

Be sure to Prep your Food preserver Tools for the trade.

13. Seamstress

Clothing will wear out during a long-term disaster with manual labor being part of daily life.

New children will be born and grow, all of which will be needing new or repaired clothing.

Be sure to Prep your Seamstress Tools for the trade.

14. Leathercrafter

A leather artisan is a very useful skill in a prepping community.

He will be able to barter their services to make or fix shoes, gun holsters, create bags, animal harness,

Along with performing any other leather craft work.

Be sure to Prep your Leathercrafter Tools for the trade.

15. Carpenters

The ability to work with wood without the aid of power tools.

will make preppers with carpentry skills vital to the rebuilding of the infrastructures in society.

Be sure to Prep your Carpenter Tools for the trade.

16. Plumbers

Having plumbing skills giving you the knowledge of channeling water to a desired location will be a great skill to have.

knowing that we can’t survive too long beyond 3 days without water, a plumber could be very useful.

Along with designing water irrigation for crops.

Be sure to Prep your Plumbers Tools for the trade.

17. Brick Masonry

Having the ability to build brick stoves, repair roads, security barricades and structures. 

Thus will make you a useful person in your prepping community.

Be sure to Prep your Brick Masonry Tools for the trade

18. Communications

Any HAM or CB operators that still have a functioning radio, will be able to connect with the outside world.

Allowing themselves to become the communication/News person for the community.

Be sure to Prep your Communications Tools for the trade.


19. Teachers

Teachers will still be needed. Society will eventually rebuild, and you don’t want your children to be left behind.

Also, the routine will give a hint of normalcy to the children.

Be sure to Prep your Teachers Tools for the trade.

20. Religious leader

If applicable to your community, Faith is very important to believers and can help with morale in stressful situations.

But also try to acquire other skills beyond only being a person of faith so that you can provide for your family unit.

Be sure to Prep your Religious Tools for the trade.

21. Distiller

This skill-set is sometimes overlooked by the hobbyist Moonshiner.😏

Moonshine can be used for a number of reasons, from recreational drinking to disinfectant cleaning agents.

Be sure to Prep your Distiller Tools for the trade.

22. Engineer

Having the ability to create things from available parts, Like building structures and makeshift equipment.

Making grid down work easier, or more productive.

This could be a nice barter skill to have.


Be sure to Prep your Engineer Tools for the trade.

23. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists diagnose, treat, and prevent mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.

All of which may arise in a stressful grid down situation.

Be sure to Prep your Psychiatrist Tools for the trade.